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The Resonant Medicine Project

Chinese Medicine and Holistic Mental Health frameworks view the body, the mind, and the emotions to be interwoven. They support, nourish, and inform each other. 

The RMP is an ongoing exploration of how these two disciplines weave together seamlessly to bring healing to our relationships to ourselves, our families, the planet, with each other, in community. 

Through conversations, experiences, workshops, and trainings we explore the intersection of traditional chinese medical and holistic western mental health approaches to healing. All of our offerings are practical, easily incorporated, and extremely effective at helping you give yourself and your clients the greatest opportunities to heal and grow.


For Chinese Medicine Practitioners we offer the opportunity to develop on the ground, technical skills to do effective emotional work with your clients within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For Holistic Mental Health practitioners, explore traditional frameworks for how to support your clients with diet, herbal support, energy medicine, and self care practices. 

For everyone, breath and body practices that build whole humans.

All modules are co-facilitated by

Andrew Nolan and Tara Bianca Rado

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Tara Bianca Rado brings 26 years of experience as a healer. She has studied deeply inside various practices and traditions of Holistic Healthcare, Movement and Spirituality since 1995.


She uses Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Qigong, Body and Spirit Work to bring her patients healing.


Tara has served as a Research Clinician at Duke University Hospital treating acute musculoskeletal pain with Duke University Integrative Medicine.


Tara has a masters in science from the acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley and a B.A. in Medical Anthropology from UC Berkeley.

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