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​​The Refúgio Madeira Project

We all come to this life to experience joy, optimal health, success & prosperity, and love. 

Refúgio Madeira is an ongoing Portuguese language series of experiential modules offered to support the local communities of our adopted home. Covering Nutrition, Healthy Relationships, Meditation, Self-Healing practices, Financial Health, and group Life & Career Coaching sessions.  

These programs are offered on sliding scale and offer empowering, real world tools and frameworks for individuals who may not otherwise have access to them.

All modules are co-facilitated by

Andrew Nolan and Ana Mattos.

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Ana Mattos began her career as a Registered Nurse 30 years ago and is qualified in Osteopathic and Naturopathic Medicine. She gained a Masters in Paediatric Osteopathy and specializes in Cranial Osteopathy and Woman’s Health.


Her further training is in the Franklin Method of Realignment, Pilates for Rehabilitation, Naturopathic specialisations in hormonal and digestive health, and is qualified as an ADAPT certified health and wellness coach..

Ana is a native of Sao Paulo, Brasil and after 22 years in London, England she now calls Madeira home. In her spare time she has a dedicated Mindfulness practice and enjoys travel and art & design. She is a lifelong practitioner of the Afro-Brasilian Umbanda tradition and her relationship to the Spirits of Nature, the Ancestors, and the Energy of the Divine Mother infuse and inform her healing work.

You can learn more about Ana and her work at

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