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We Bring Together

Holistic Frameworks

Beyond pathology and disorder.

Beyond labels and belief.

Beyond polarities and oppositional thinking. 

We get how all the parts support the Whole.

First Principles Thinking

First Principles Thinking is a dynamic, evidence-based process for challenging assumptions about mental health and solving complex problems. We do this by breaking down what we know into the most basic elements and reassembling them from the ground up. We take nothing for granted.

Embodied Wisdom

Healing is a Wisdom Path. 

We teach and support approaches to healing that help you clear the past, become deeply present, walk a path of conscious self-evolution, and create a deeply fulfilling life.

Mandala Institute is a mission-driven social enterprise committed to transforming the way people think, feel, and live. We are committed to evolving how mental health is discussed and approached, into ways that are intuitive, natural, and holistic.  Most importantly, we are committed to teaching emotional healing as both an applied technology and as a wisdom practice. 


Andrew Nolan


"To be truly effective in these times you need to heal and you need a framework for developing unshakeable clarity, calm, and wisdom. This is our work together."

Andrew Gentile



"It's my passion to help people come into balance with themselves and the world they live in."

Our Philosophy is Simple.
It's your birthright to experience
peace, well-being and calm.

Wholeness is relational and loving. It's about how you relate to all the parts of yourself, to your family and community, to the environment and the world at large. Our Mission is to bring a new paradigm for mental health into the world and to support you in answering the unique call of your purpose.

Specializing in Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

We teach you holistic approaches that are proven to help you resolve your anxiety, bringing you into a sense of clarity, calm, and personal power.

We help you heal your past and learn the skills, frameworks, and tools that allow you to show up with clarity, compassion, empathy, and and open mind.

Proven approaches that helps You release the negative thinking patterns, bad habits, and old memories that negatively limit your mind and contribute to your depression.

We get to the heart of your experience, help you let go of what doesn´t serve you, and build the resilience and flexibility you need to feel whole. Our approach is natural, individual, and deeply experiential. 

Our on-the-ground, real world experience equips us to provide you with actual trauma healing  that standard talk therapy cannot offer.

Conscious, therapeutic use of psychedelics is a cutting-edge, paradigm-changing, rapidly evolving and promising approach to personal healing and  transformation.

Train to perform better, feel less stress, and improve your relationships.

Here's most everything you need to know before scheduling your first call with us.

After healing from your past, It's time to build resilience, self-empowerment, and have the bigger experiences of yourself that you know you are ready for.